Internal Doors

Internal Ledged Doors


We manufacture a range of ledged doors in standard and custom sizes, available in rustic or prime grades. Our most popular door is the V-grooved ledged door sold with or without optional bracing pack. All our doors are a substantial 40mm thick overall, creating a strong stable door that will last you a lifetime.

We offer both our V Groove and Bead & Butt doors in a range of rear styles to increase the choice available. Whatever ledged door style you need Heritage Products will have a door to suit you.


Made to Measure


Sometimes standard just doesn’t work, off the shelf just doesn’t fit and you end up stuck. With Heritage’s range of ledged doors that’s not a problem. If our standard sizes don’t work, we’ll make any of our doors to your exact dimensions. Because we make all our doors right here in our factory in the UK, we’ll get them to you fast, normally within a week. Better yet, our made to measure doors cost less than you might think!

Any of the options can also be modified if you need, from custom sized glass openings to ledges at specific points to match existing doors. In fact any variation you can think of, we can make for you. If you need a made to measure door then contact your local stockist and we’ll provide you with a quote.



Internal Solid Oak Doors


We manufacture a range of custom sized 40 mm solid oak internal doors, ideal for the discerning home owner, or where you need a non standard size to fit an existing doorway. Every door is carefully made in our UK factory using traditional quality construction methods to create a door that will last for generations. For each door we can also provide a matching solid oak frame.

Solid oak doors are considerably heavier than mass produced doors, and this weight translates to a unique feeling of luxury and solidity as the door is used. The solid timber sections used highlights the timber grain in a way that veneered doors can never replicate. The result is that the character of the door shines through.

Contact your local stockist for pricing information on your new solid oak doors.

Finishing Options


Your new solid oak door has been made from selected pieces of oak. Each piece of timber will show pleasing characteristics, from differing grain pattern to knots in rustic doors that make each individual door completely unique. This depth of character is part of what makes these solid oak doors special and is something that you will never find in a mass produced engineered door.

To enhance and show off the beauty of your new doors they need to be finished appropriately. We recommend using a modern Hardwax style finishing system such as Osmo or Treatex which can also alter the shade of the door if desired. By finishing your door correctly you  can bring the timber to life and make the most of your new solid oak doors.