Stair Cladding

Create a stunning feature oak staircase without the expensive and mess of a brand new flight. Our unique stair cladding system allows you to convert your existing staircase to solid oak, easily and cost effectively. New treads and risers simply bond into place over the existing stairs, and we have packs to suit every shape of step from winders to bullnose bottom steps. You can even veneer the existing strings with our preglued string veneers.

When you add in our new oak stair balustrade the effect is amazing, transforming your existing staircase into a superb centre point of your home. Make a step change with Heritage staircase cladding.




Simple Installation

Installing Stair Cladding is a satisfying job that is well within the capabilities of a competent DIYer. An average staircase can be completed easily over a weekend and the transformation is stunning, adding real style and value to your home.

To begin simply count the number of each shape of tread on your stairs and buy a matching tread pack to suit. Each tread pack is then trimmed to width and depth and bonded over your existing treads with the special adhesive. Strings can either be painted to contrast with the treads or you can use our specially designed oak veneers which are easily trimmed with scissors and pre-glued to bond into place.

Cladded Stairs

Cladded Stairs